Easy To Setup Milking Farms Automation

Milking Parlours
Delmer's Milking trolleys are among the simplest automatic milking solutions: a wheel-supported chassis is equipped with a complete milking system.

Animal Comfort Brushes
Proper grooming contributes to the hygiene and welfare of your animals. Regularly brushing the skin helps to keep it in good condition and protect it against external factors such as flies, pests and bacteria.

Milking Quality & Animal Health
Effective cleaning and sanitisation of all equipment that comes in contact with milk and consistent cleaning of the milking parlour environment are crucial steps in producing healthy and high-quality milk. One of the main factors determining the effectiveness of these processes is the right choice of detergent and its proper use.

Cooling fresh milk immediately after milking is a fundamental process in preserving milk quality Milk cooling aims to avoid the development of microorganisms and reduce the phenomena of fat and protein alteration.

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