When lady takes charge of saving cows in India - Inspiring India!

India is a nation where we worship cows and Hinduism is the main source that runs the country cows are of utmost importance to the country and it becomes overwhelming to see a German lady taking the charge of saving the abandoned cows that are there around in Mathura a city of Krishna known for the love and care that is not restricted to just humans but even animals and specially cows worship as goddess. There are many cow milking parlour that are there in India which help in easing about the process of cow milking.

As per the resources, Friederike Irina Bruening, the German lady even got her visa extension without any hassle free due to the work she does. She has awarded with  Padma Shri, one of the India's most prestigious award. She has been known for rescuing the cows that have been suffered during a accident or are blind and that makes a true hero. Delmer India is a company that delivers cow milking machines to help contribute in such a good cause of easing the the milking process of the cows and IT results in in a very says and pain-free milking. 

On the other hand now this German lady is known as Sudevi Dasi She has adopted Hinduism as her religion, she says "killing cows is a worst thing that you can do".

She is a true motivation for everybody who is involved in Hinduism and worship cow people get inspired to have more cow milking parlour in India in order to get hygienic pure milk for the cows and to give the best possible treatment to cows without hurting them.

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