Insight Into Revolution In Milking Technology

Yesterday when I visited a milking farm in Gujarat (Inida), I was pleasantly surprised to see how milking is changing by leaps and bound in India. Increased awareness of providing cow comfort which can make a difference of several thousand pounds of rolling herd average milk production between two herds of similar genetics and rations. Since I was so impressed with this revolution, I decided to have a few words with the Manager of the stable. 

I asked the manager about what are the techniques that they are implementing to increase the yield. So, here are a few essential aspects of cow comfort that can increase the yield several folds. The most important thing to keep in mind is Ventilation. The ventilation systems should be designed such that the humidity levels are under advisable limits and also there is enough ventilation for rising heat levels. Partitions should be such that there is ample circulation of air in the stable. Cobwebs, smell of ammonia, excessive coughing, running nose are signs of poor ventilation in the room. So my obvious next question was, “This is about the stable. But what special care is taken for cows? How are they treated?” The Manager laughed saying,” Well, if you go to see, the cows have more comfort here than any of  us have at our homes. We take special care about the floor. A typical day of cow is spent in - 21% Eating, 13% Milking , 50% Lying. The cows body should be insulated from the floor to protect it from the heat or cold of the season. For this we use special cow mattresses. At some places, we have set up rubber mats for easy movements of cows and to reduce impact on its feet and knees.” 

I was really impressed. I mean in a nation like India, where at one one place cows are worshipped and other places cows are brutally killed for meat, it is good to know that there is a rational thinking being introduced in India, where these animals are treated like humans. I was now curious to know more about the routine lifestyle of these cows. The manager continued, “You must have seen that cows keep scratching their bodies against trees, walls or other rough surfaces. There is a high risk of mastitis. So there are multiple cow comfort products available for cows to avoid this. There are rotary cow brushes that offer deep cleaning from head to toe, removes bacteria, parasites, old hair and skin scales. Proper grooming contributes to the hygiene and welfare of your animals. Regularly brushing the skin helps to keep it in good condition and protect it against external factors such as flies, pests and bacteria. Hence, to sum it up, cow comfort brushes, increase blood circulation and also reduce clinical and Vet costs. More over, we also use milking liners to increase the productivity of cows.” 

Well, I could easily say that this automation in milking is here to stay and bring revolutionary change in the quality of milk we drink. There are many such companies coming up who believe in quality along with quantity and hence make best provisions for above such cow comfort products. It would be interesting to see what future holds in store for milking automation process and what more we are here to witness.

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