Why Milking Farm Automation Is Becoming Popular In Dairy Industry?

Milking farms automation is a growing trend in the dairy industry. It has entirely changed life in dairy farms. Initially, the automatic systems were introduced mainly to feeding and milking cows. But, with changing trends and evolving needs of dairy farms, these systems have gone much beyond these regular activities and incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence to boost the productivity of the dairy farm.

Automated Milking System

The fully automated milking system consists of -

  • Milking stall
  • Teat location system
  • Teat-cup attachment system
  • Teat cleaning system
  • Control system including sensor and software
  • Milking system

The milking procedure of the cows starts in a special area which is called cow milking parlour. The system uses an advanced selection and segregation technique based on cow weight. The segregation system is the key part of AMS (Automated Milking System) that performs different functions such as checking cow health and ensuring that the cows milked already do not return to the milking station.

Automatic Milking System (AMS) or Robotic Milking System eliminates the need for a person to do all the jobs involved in milking a herd of cows. AMS or cow milking machine is used to do the following tasks-

  • Direct the cows to the milking parlors
  • Identify each cow 
  • Milk the cows
  • Check the milk
  • Record the data of individual cows

What are the benefits of milking farm automation?

  • The robotic milking system eradicates the need to hire labour in the farms. It helps the farm owners to save labour expenses as installing the AMS is cost-effective in the long-run.
  • Every cow in the dairy farm wears an electronic tag, making it possible for the AMS to detect the cow’s data such as the individual cow milk production, the cow activity, and the cow rumination data.
  • The milking unit comprises of the milking machine, the teat locations sensor, the robotic arm for the automatic teat-cup application and the gate system for controlling the cow traffic in the dairy farm.
  • The robot will detect if the cow is not due for another milking. The automatic system installed in the cow milking parlour can also check the quality and the color of the milk. If the blood is seen in the milk, it can immediately be discarded.
  • No human interference during milking which reduces the stress and increases the comfort for the cow throughout the lactation. By creating good milking routines, the milking frequency can be increased to three times a day. 
  • Installation of AMS enables the dairy farm owners to increase their activity with a larger herd. Undeniably, robotic milking machinery can manage herds faster than human at the same time ensuring the quality of the milk. 

Advanced dairy farming techniques and cow milking machines increase milk production in dairy farms. To cater to the increasing demands for dairy products, dairy farmers should innovate by establishing fully automated milking plants for managing cattle efficiently, increasing milk production and ultimately improving their ROI.

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