Cow Milking Machine And Its Benefits

Are you thinking to establish a dairy farm and having trouble deciding between installing an automatic cow milking machine or hiring labor? Or is your outdated dairy farm simply growing but you want to earn more from this and considering upgrading it? In either case, you first need to understand the advantages of cow milking machines.

Milking machines aids you to draw out milk from cow mechanically. With a correctly specified, installed, operated and maintained milking plant or dairy you will be rewarded in terms of the amount of milk as per the cows’ current ability and the quality that meets the highest standards. 

Advanced milking machines are designed for quick and efficient milking without harming cow teats or glands following minimal risks for sending pathogenic microorganisms which may bring mastitis (fatal mammary gland infection). Cow milking machines are available in various technical standards as per the clients’ defined specifications at cost-effective rates. Thus, installing milking machines in dairies will be beneficial for dairy owners.

Advantages of cow milking machines

Milking machines are bound to offer numerous advantages that allow dairy farms or milking plants to operate effectively while optimizing profits. Let’s start-

  • Improved efficiency

First of all, cow milking system allows the dairy farm to boost its activity with a larger herd. Certainly, proper milking machinery and herd management system can manage herds faster at the same time ensuring the quality of the milk. It helps farmers to harvest from more cattle than they could with outdated means.

  • Save money on labor cost

Installing milking machines aids dairy owners to save money by avoiding labor expenses. A big dairy farm that functions manually will usually need many workers to perform the farm operations. With automatic cow milking machinery, labor needs will be reduced.
  • Time efficiency

While the machine is milking, you can do multitasking and improve your efficiency. However, you can only milk two quarters at a time manually, the machine can milk four times at the same time. Furthermore, installing a cow health monitoring system is also necessary to observe the behavior of all your cows 24X7. It defines the health and dietary status of cows and identifies possible hurdles. 
  • Clean and impurity-free milk

Manual milking invites impurities in milk such as hay, hair and even spots of manure. However, a fine strainer is helpful to some extent, but not completely. When using an automatic milking machine, the bucket is fully sealed off and there is no chance for any impurity and contamination during the milking process. This helps to keep the milk clean and fresh.

To ensure that a milking plant functions properly, the milking machines have to be installed by a qualified installer. Apart from this, a cow tracking system also plays a vital role in managing the milking plant efficiently. It helps in flawless functioning in the plant as it can track the cows and save your time to locate them in a huge farm.

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