Milk is an important source of energy which contains most of necessary nutrients like calcium, phosphorous, potassium and vitamin D. It’s an excellent source of protein. Dairy products may prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures and even help you maintain a healthy weight. 

Milk is a white liquid produced by mammary glands of mammals. These glands help in producing milk which the mammals in turn use to feed their babies.

Cow’s milk has been long been associated with good health, making it one of the most consumed beverages. Cow’s milk is rich in potassium which helps in enhancing vasodilatation and reducing blood pressure issues. Being rich source of calcium and vitamin D, it helps in maintaining teeth and bones healthy. Another benefit of Vitamin d is that it also plays a vital role in cell growth regulation and cancer protection. It supports the production of such hormones which are related to mood, appetite and sleep. Vitamin D being a real helps to our body growth and is available richly from Cow Milk. 

Cow’s Milk is such that it helps the calves to grow faster, as it is consumed by humans as well, this also applies to us. 

Hence cow’s milk is considered the healthiest diet for all humans. Milking process takes place in different ways. Traditionally Hand Milking was one of the mostly used methods. Hand milking is performed by massaging and pulling down on the teats and getting it filled in the bucket. 

Another method is machine milking, as per this method, Teat cups are attached to the cow teats , and then the cups alternate between the vacuum and normal air pressure to extract milk. 

To get the best quality milk it is necessary to get the cattle’s in the best environment of being comfort, less stress and hygienic.  

Milking machines help in maintaining the hygiene. Let’s see how it goes 


Milking machines are now capable of milking the cows more efficiently and without hurting the udder of the cows provided they should be properly installed. They help in obtaining all the advantages. 

Different parts of milking machines are as follows:

Milking Trolleys
Milking Buckets
Milk Metering
Milking Clusters
Automatic Cluster Removers
Milk Pumps
Vacuum Pumps


Dairy Farming is considered to be the part of agriculture which exclusively looks after the long term production of milk which is in turn used for the sale. 

The methods used in dairy farming are as follows:

Hand milking (considered as traditional methods)
Vacuum bucket milking
Milking pipeline
Milking parlours
Automatic miller takeoff
Fully automated robotic milking

Milking is one of the most sensitive and important stages in dairy farming. During milking it is very important that cattle’s health is in good condition, avoid stress and optimize milk yield and quality. 

Milking Parlours have been introduced as an innovation in dairy farming as it is focused on the mechanizing the milking process and which will maximize the number of cows, streamlined milking process, and reducing physical stress of farmers. 

There are different varieties of milking parlours such as :

Tandem- These parlours ensure high efficiency and individual animal care. It suitable for small herds and buffalo milking. It has been made of individual boxes and side milking. Full length view of the animals is obtained and is also available with an independent single stall milking process. Animals are at ease and the interaction between the Human and animal is also very safe. 

Topswing- These parlours are considered to be the provide maximum efficiency and comfort with the low investments. It has been proved as a time saving option and also has special herringbone layout with dedicated swing over milking arms that allow the use of milking units alternatively on both the sides .Moreover, the fully suspended heavy-duty milking stalls ensure fast animal positioning and exit, increasing cow-traffic efficiency. They allow quick and continuous milking even if each milking unit serves two milking stalls.

Herringbone- These are parlours are used for managing milking of large herds. They are with more space, increase milking rates. It ensures faster animal positioning, smooth and regular animal traffic and comfortable milking for both operator and animal. 


Cows yield highest amount of milk when they are relaxed, stress free and comfortable. 50% of the day is spent lying down by the cow. 

As it spends major time in lying, it becomes very important that its lying is comfortable, protected from cold or heat and also no injuries due to the movements of  getting up or lying down.

Cow rubber mats are considered to be long lasting, high quality and environmentally sustainable. They are around the areas where the cattle’s have more access that is the walking areas, milking parlours, corridors so that the jerks and the impact on knees and legs are reduced. 

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