Being internationally outstanding company, The Delmer group is an expert in weighing and manufacturing technology. We coordinate with technology partners from USA and EUROPE. Our Aim is providing you with exclusive technology equipments at an affordable price. We are in this field since 1987, having immense experience we have reached peaks due to your faith and support. 

Milking is tagged as the most important part of the dairy farming and we take care of it. We focus on cow milking and provide you with professional machinery to yield milk and maintain the quality. We help you selecting, installing, planning and commissioning. For this we have different types machines for different purpose. Vivid machines like tandem, topswing and herringbone are useful according to your needs and have excellent parts which are beneficial for cows.

We have a reliable and strong herd management system that works in a sophisticated manner which tracks the movements of the cows, assessing the cow behavior and habits. This can increase the pregnancy rate of cows and fertility rate enhances. It detects the health of the cows and tries to monitor is fast. Dairy cow managing system proves to be beneficial. 

We need to take care that cow needs to be in appropriate environment for the health and hygiene of it. So we incline towards reaching high profits with good production of milk which leads to cow comfort.  We see that cows health isn’t deteriorating but proliferating. We provide basic machines like rotary cow brushes, cubicle mattresses, proper ventilation system for clean air, rubber mats etc.

We are here for all the machinery you need. We are available in India, Italy, USA, UAE, Uganda and Kenya. You can also visit us on Google for more information. 

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