At Delmer We Give Worth And Value

Achieving with hard-work, world wide prominence with considerable experience in technology domain, we make sturdy, resistant and long lasting machineries and weighing technologies. We have powerful roots in Electronics sector and noticeable specialists for machine making. 

We have been dealing in machineries since decades so we are aware about the requisites and essential of our potential customers. We build durable and deep rooted manufacturing machines. We have variety of machines like gold melting furnace, silver melting furnace etc. 

Giving you a gist about our products, induction melting furnace has high programmable melting furnace temperature and programmable power. It has fast melting feature with improved power factor.  When we talk about vacuum casting machine it has high quality production with low investment. 

Being small in size static furnace helps in casting maximum 1 kg of gold which reduces consumption and helpful to small scale traders. We also make machineries for cleaning and degreasing the hard parts and other mechanical equipments. Our stainless deburring and finishing machineries are extra ordinarily working for this. 

We design and develop the parts of technical ceramics which is beneficial and suitable for various applications. 

Delmer Graphite works for production of isostatic graphite with high temperature resistant refractory ceramic items.

We have laser machineries, furnaces for heat treatments which designs the special construction features and the tested work cycle makes it creative  and precise tool that offers the customer the best results worthy for their money. 

Our precious metal refining machine is what most of our customers prefer because of its quality, long using feature, purity and consistency. Our laser welding machines are made in Italy to achieve top excellence is also liked by our customers. 

We hope to visit you soon and have our high quality machineries with you. We are present in India Italy, UAE , USA , Kenya  and Uganda. You can also check our work on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube. We hope to work with and for you.

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