Easy Milking With Delmer

Milking is crucial and essential stages in dairy farming. Our milking parlours gives high-performance milking with top-notch results.

Maintaining the milking process of your animals at each milking provides you with full control over the health. It is required to measure comfort and safety, allowing a scheduled milking routine and good management of the milking process.

Our milking parlours provides easy and safe human–animal interaction, individual animal attention and single stall higher efficiency, providing a faster milking process. Milking Parlours can be fully customised according to your needs. We give good and complete range of fully compatible components for milking buckets, helping you to create a customised milking solution to perfectly suit your dairy.

We offer a full fledged variety of centrifugal milk pumps, entirely made of high-grade stainless steel and available in different sizes and configurations to suit any milking plant. Our milk pumps ensure gentle and smooth transportation without involving the milk from the receiver to the milk tank. Our milk metering devices can be combined with the whole range of our milking control units, and data collected during milking can be transferred to the herd management software

Our specialised ‘autostart’ function further reduces operator workload: simply lift the milking cluster and the milking starts. Mixed with Our milk meters, they provide on point end-of-milking identification and minimal vacuum drop during milking. We can complete all your needs with a wide range of metal or plastic brushes with bristles of different hardness as well as rubber curry combs, to help the needs of your herd.

Rubber mats are non-deformable, durable, top quality and environmentally sustainable most suitable for walking areas, milking parlour, reception areas and corridors & small gardens. Our special Tunnel Basic is simply movable shelter made of a waterproof polyester fibre tarpaulin with PVC coating on both sides. It is built such that it is resistant to UV rays so that animals are not harmed and stay away from clinical conditions.

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