Milking Made Easy With Delmer

Delmer Group
is prominent for manufacturing easy milking solutions for all. Milking has been easy and simple with the help of Delmer. Let’s look at the machines manufactured at Delmer. 

Milking Parlours

Delmer's is very famous for its Milking trolleys as they are the easiest and simplest automatic milking solutions; it's a wheel-supported chassis which is equipped with the milking system.

Animal Comfort Brushes

Systematic grooming is vital and works to contribute in total hygiene & health care of your animals. When regular brushing the skin, it helps to keep animals in good condition and protect it against external factors. It is very good for your animal’s welfare. 

Milking Quality & Animal Health 

Proper cleaning and sanitization of all equipment that comes in contact with milk and consistent cleaning of the milking parlour environment are crucial steps in producing healthy and high-quality milk. Important factors determining the effectiveness of these processes is the right choice of detergent and its proper use.


Cooling fresh milk just after milking, is an essential process for preserving milk quality. Whole Milk cooling aims in avoiding the development of microorganisms in milk while reducing the phenomena of fat and protein alterations. It keeps milk safe and healthy to drink. 

Cow Comfort 

Delmer is a dynamic company with strong traditions and a clear vision of the future in the international agricultural market. They focus on cow comfort and manufacturing machines which are easy for men and animal both. 

Herd Management System 

Track a cow is the most field proven, sophisticated system in the world. With a single innovative tag, it supports a variety of features, from heat detection and feed behavior, to health and welfare monitoring, using scalable software modules analyzing real-time behavior.

You can always count on Delmer if you need a milking machine. They are your one stop shop for easy milking. Get yours now. They are globally present. For more you can also visit their website. 

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