As the world is transforming everyday the requirement for metal is at its highest then ever in the history also the rising concern for environmental depreciation has lead us to find a way to cleaner and more efficient way of melting our metals.

There are various ways of heating available of which we will discuss the difference of the induction heating and gas heating.


If we need to melt metals for non commercial purposes we don’t require highly specialised equipment .For this for smaller quantities of materials gas heating using gas torch can be used here you just need a container that can withstand the heat at the melting point of the metals after that place the metals into the container and direct the torch flame towards the metal to be melted. The gases that are normally used are propane, butane (LPG), acetylene,oxy-acetylene,natural gas,etc. Keep your torch directed towards the metal till required melting is obtained.

Another way to use gas heating is by using gas furnace , where in the gas is passed into the chamber using differet types of valves and burner ; in this method also different gases combined with Oxygen can be used.


The method of melting metals on large scale is completely different and quite complex compare to the conventional method.

Induction furnace is highly preferable in this case as metal becomes electrically charged itself due to induction and the resistance generated within the metal begins to heat the metal without having any contact with the heating coil.The stronger the electromagnet higher the temperature we can get.

Compared to gas heating induction heating provides many benefits like 

  • Induction heating requires no physical exertion compared to gas heating.
  • Induction heating is very safe as there is no danger of gas explosion, or fire hazard. Also in induction furnace no harmful by-product gases or fumes is released in the atmosphere and surrounding making it safe for the workers and the environment.
  • Induction furnace is  simple to operate and has an energy efficiency of more than 90% whereas only 40% efficiency is obtained in the case of gas heating furnace, saving lots of time and energy in the long run.
  • Induction melting Furnaces nowadays uses IGBT based induction power supply providing a noiseless operation of melting; electrical parameter monitoring enabling us to precisely control the temperature ,make daily production report and get a consistent heating environment.
  • In Gas Heating local heating ,like surface heat- treatment, case hardening etc. is not possible whereas in induction heating customised heating can be done by varying the frequency of induction making it highly suitable for surface heat treatment ,case hardening , localised heating, etc.
  • In Gas heating we are required to stir the melt with a graphite rod to obtain a homogeneous melt with uniform heating whereas in induction furnace ,the stirring is automatically done by the frequency of induction ,giving a highly homogeneous melting. 
  • One very major drawback of gas heating is it’s melting time ,as the quantity of material increases the time taken substantially increases ; Also in the induction furnace the heating time increases with the quantity but it’s way more less compared to gas heating.
  • For the installation of Gas heating furnace , chimney arrangements ,gas exhaust fans are required and the workers working needs to wear proper protection gears whereas for operating with induction furnace no such installments need to be done and no gas protection gear is required.

Though having so many favourable property induction furnace does have a few drawbacks like ,

  • Induction furnace cannot melt non conductive materials, if we want to melt non conductive material ,we will require a conductive crucible and the time taken for melting will be large.
  • In induction furnace , refining is not possible ,hence the material that is to be melted must be pure .
  • The initial cost of installing a induction furnace is very high compared to the gas heating furnace.
  • For the induction furnace to work properly ,water chiller with high pressure water supply is required.
But as we can see that the advantages of the induction furnace outperformes the minor drawback and is far more better than gas furnace, we can conclude that induction melting furnace is the new rising star for the sustainable development of the metal industry and mankind.

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