What is liner?


The liner is the component of the milking machine that attaches with the cow's udder. Therefore, it is one of the main components in the process of milking cows quickly, softly and regularly.

·         Liner is a rubber part included in milking machine whether it is portable milking machine or the parlor or fixed line machine, there is no substitute of it.

·         It is used worldwide for milking purpose.

·         It is the rubber part which connects milking machine to animals for milking.

·         There are 2 standard sizes of rubber liners which are shown in the images below for both sizes  .


Ø How to attach liner to the animal for milking? 

  1. First of all run the machine and create vacuum in the system by closing all connections including liners by bending liners like shown in the below video.
  2. As vacuum is created take liners near udders of animal and make liners straight one by one and stick to the respective udder as show in the video.
  3. Leave the system after it creates enough vacuum for minutes of milking and as milking goes down and you can see less milk in the milk pipe as well as claw, and then pull the shutoff valve and release one liner and vacuum goes down so other liners will be easily removed from teats of animal.
For more understanding watch the video given below. 

With the regular use of months on many cows, it changes surface condition and inside shape of liners, this gradual deterioration will affect milking performance of animal.

ØØIn particular some noticeable changes due to wear of liners are given below:

• The general milking time per cow will increase

• The slipping of liners from the udder will increase in the beginning time of milking.

• The amount of milk left in the quarters of an udder when cups are removed increases

• The teat-end condition becomes bad

• Cow behavior changes 

Ø How often liners should be changed?

  • We recommend changing milk liners after approximately 2,000-2500 milking

            or 5-8 months or as per the effect of wear.

   For more details: https://www.delmergroup.com/collections/milking-farms-automation

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