Why Heart Shape Jewellery Remains Ever Popular?


The heart symbol is probably one of the most iconic symbols from all over the world. It symbolizes love, passion, romance and matters of the heart. Jewellery in the form of a heart has been used for several decades as a symbol of love and to commemorate loved ones and special occasions.

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If you give or wear a heart shaped jewellery piece, then it has sentimental value. Heart-shaped rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other ornaments are always heartwarming gifts for your spouse, partner, family member or friend.

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They are intimate acts that depict that you value your relationship with that particular individual.

Historically speaking drawing back even to the early ages, the heart symbol was depicted in artwork and early ornaments. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks often incorporated the symbols of hearts in accessories such as rings and pendants.

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Heart shaped jewelry also became more widespread during the Renaissance in Europe where people wore lockets in the form of hearts that opened to reveal something inside.

During the Victorian era, heart jewelry pieces got even more elaborate and stunning with rubies, pearls, and diamonds creating beautiful heart shapes. Big heart locket pendants and brooches were also worn to declare love and affection.

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Even today, pieces of heart jewellery can be seen in contemporary lines of jewellery from prestigious ateliers and mass manufacturers and in the works of indie jewelers.

Ways of Telling Someone ‘I Love You’ with Heart Jewellery Everyone requires a heart piece of jewellery depending on their kind of love or relationship. Heart stud earrings for a daughter. A heart bracelet as a wedding anniversary gift. A birthstone heart ring for a special someone.

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Although the heart charms for the necklace for all the loved ones. Red gemstone hearts are associated with passionate love and pink and white hearts are comparatively softer in meaning.

The best heart jewellery pieces are those that have true workmanship, and are also symbolically elegant and timeless.

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Whichever the materials used, be it diamonds or plain metal, wearing or giving out a piece of jewellery in the shape of the heart has been seen to pass a message of love that is timeless. Therefore, imagine celebrating your important relationships and life events with timeless pieces that transcend the speech of words.

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